ETALON7200 Seal PU Adhesive Sealant Black-WINDSHIELD GLUE-Fast Dry.


ETALON7200 Seal PU Adhesive Sealant Black-WINDSHIELD GLUE-Fast Dry.. PU WINDSCREEN ADHESIVE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fast curing, flexible high performance polyurethane adhesive, specific for automotive windows and windscreen bonding. Specially designed to give an ultra fast drive away time to vehicles with 2 airbags in 60 minutes. No need to use an activator since our new primer is a much better adhesion promoter and also UV barrier. Just clean the glass from residue of grease or styrene with simple alcohol or MEK and then, once evaporated, apply the primer and then the adhesive. Code Dimensions Packaging ET/W-9000 310ml,black 1pcs/cart ET/P-901 primer 30ml,black 1pcs/cart ET/PA-903 application brush for primer 1pcs/b ETALON Seal Pu Adhesive & SealantOne component ready for use polyurethane sealant and adhesive.Highest Quality on the market , supersedes PPG, Tiger Seal, Wurth, Autostar, Betaseal, Teroson. BETSEAL

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