Epoxy Resin FDA Compliant Food Safe Clear Coating Casting 4 Wood & 3D Printed


Epoxy Resin FDA Compliant Food Safe Clear Coating Casting 4 Wood & 3D Printed . CARBON FIBER FABRIC 3K 2×2 TWILL WEAVE 6 OZ. This is one of the most common processing error that yields sub-standard laminates. Air is pushed up and outwards instead of forcing the resin through the fabric which will entrap air bubbles. MAX CLR-HP A/B Clear Liquid Resin-High Performance Epoxy Resin System (96 Ounces Combined Volume) 64 Fluid Ounces (1/2 Gallon) Of MAX CLR-HP PART A And 32 Ounces Of MAX CLR HP PART B PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MAX CLR-HP A/B is a two-part epoxy-based system specially formulated as a High-Performance version of the MAX CLR resin system. It offers higher mechanical performance while maintaining crystal clarity, gloss, and other aesthetic qualities. MAX CLR-HP A/B provides excellent performance at a higher service temperature range, especially its retention of its mechanical hardness at elevated temperatures and durability when exposed to below freezing temperatures. It’s none blushing performance, excellent transparent clarity, color stability, and ease of use make MAX CLR-HP A/B an excellent choice as an impregnating resin for composite fabrics, protective coatings, casting resin, and general fabricating applications. MAX CLR-HP also offers high chemical resistance, structural adhesion and overall durability suitable for many protective coatings applications. MAX CLR-HP A/B performs well at room temperature use and can withstand cyclic exposure to temperatures from -40°C to 112°C with minimal mechanical performance loss. Upon Cure, MAX CLR-HP A/B resists extreme and repeated thermal shocks making it well suited for bonding substrates with dissimilar expansion coefficients. MAX CLR-HP A/B is 100% solids and does not contain Ozone Depleting Chemicals (ODC), non-reactive plasticizers, or solvent fillers. It is odor free and will not outgas or leach upon full cure. Upon cure, MAX CLR HP is completely inert and it is safe for direct food contact, cold and hot beverages, soups, alcoholic beverages. Please view the following video playlist for detailed use instructions, cut and paste link to any web browser to view video tutorials; MAX CLR FDA COMPLIANT COATINGS -YouTube TYPICAL USE AND APPLICATION MAX CLR-HP A/B is an excellent resin system application where color stability and water clarity is crucial.

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